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    as we know that prepositions are one of the grammatical aspects to compose sentences in order to show their relations between words or sentences. Sometimes I get confused when hearing native speakers talk and they leave out prepositions, as in the examples below.

    He kissed my cheek.
    He kissed me on the cheek.

    Kick me the ball.
    kick the ball to me.

    Are both of the first sentences correct grammatically? if yes, then why do native speakers omit such prepositions? Could you please describe this confusion of missing out prepositions?

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    Re: kiss

    The prepositions are not missing. They are unnecessary. "He kissed my cheek" is grammatical and clear.

    "Kick me the ball" is the normal way we structure a use with an indirect object.

    John threw me the ball.
    John threw the ball to me. (alternative).

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