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    Please drop in sometime

    1) Please drop in sometime to my home.

    Please visit sometime to my home.'

    2) I called the complaints division but nobody is lifting the phone.

    I called to complain but nobody is picking the phone.

    Do both the above sentences in each pair convey the same meaning? Do "lifting" and "picking" convey the same meaning?

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    Re: Please drop in sometime

    None of them are correct

    The first one should be something like "Please drop by my home sometime" or "Please drop in sometime when I'm home." For the second version, use something like "Please visit my home sometime" or "Please visit me at home sometime."

    The second should be something like "I called the complaints division, but nobody is picking up (the phone)", or "I called to complain, but nobody is picking up (the phone)." In both cases, 'the phone' is optional, since it's understood.
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