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    the meaning of a raw belief

    Dear all,

    I'd like to ask the meaning of "a raw belief" in the sentences below.(source: The tunnel, or The New from Spain)

    ...Here was something she suddenly saw and deplored in herself, something she seemed to have in common with Harriet: a raw belief that love had to be declared and proved, baldly, loudly, explicitly. She saw the danger, the wrongness, of this;

    But now I can see the sunshine through the clouds and now the Bible and Christ Jesus is the first thing on my mind. I know that ten years to life and five years to forty didn't just disappear by themselves. It was through my faith and raw belief that the Lord went with me to court and touched the heart of prosecutors and judges....

    Does it mean firm belief or naive belief or something else?

    Thank you

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    Re: the meaning of a raw belief

    I have never heard of "raw belief". My guess is it is analagous to raw meat, that which is not cooked. If that is the case, "raw belief" may mean one that has not been well thought out.

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