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Thread: 165-ficker show

  1. matilda

    Talking 165-ficker show

    Hello all

    What exactly is a (ficker show)?

    I saw this in the subtitle of a movie, and I wondered when I couldn't find this vocab in dictionary.

    Will you help me with the meaning?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: 165-ficker show

    It's a typo. Try "flicker".

    According to the Urban Dictionary, "flicker" (noun) is an old movie. Comes from the way that they "flick"; e.g., I saw a great flicker yesterday.

    I don't know if that's the meaning you're after. There are others out there. You may want to do a search on your own.

  3. matilda

    Talking Re: 165-ficker show

    of course it helped. because the meaning you said is exactly correct.
    i'm sure the subtitle has typo.

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