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    I would like to know in which condition it is said i will have lunch and i will have a bath. why 2nd sentence taking a word and 1st sentence is not.
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    Re: general

    "I will have launch" is not correct. Did you mean "lunch"?

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    Re: general

    Quote Originally Posted by arjitsharma View Post
    I would like to know in which condition why, grammatically, it is said "I will have lunch" and but "I will have a bath". Why does the 2nd sentence taking take "a" word and but the 1st sentence is does not.
    Note my changes to your post above, marked in red. Start every sentence with a capital letter and always capitalise the word "I".

    Although "lunch" is a countable noun, we rarely use it with an article, whether it's singular or plural.

    I have lunch.
    He had breakfast.
    They are having dinner.

    I have had six identical lunches this week.
    I saw three hundred dinners being made when I worked at a restaurant.

    However, we would say something like "Can you see the breakfasts laid out on the large table?" because we are referring to the individual plates of food.

    Once upon a time, they were used as verbs but these forms are rarely heard now.

    I breakfasted.
    We lunched at the marina.
    They dined (not "dinnered") together.
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    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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