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    learning words

    Hi there, Im really not good at learning new words from readings or just by memorizing them,It makes me disappointed of myself. but recently I found out that by listenings which are understandable for me I can get words better. I need some resources for this kind of listening or any other advices that you think can be beneficial.
    real thanks for listening to me

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    Re: learning words

    Hi Royaj, I'm the same way (and I think most people learn best through immersion). If you live in an English speaking country it's easy, but if you don't it's still doable, especially with the internet. I've been trying to teach myself Spanish and some things that I've tried include:

    • Shop at a store where they only speak the target language.
    • Find childrens' books that are written in the target language.
    • Look for a person who is learning your language or just wants to visit with someone from another culture and get together with them (via skype, in person, etc.) regularly for practice.
    • Watch movies and youtube videos in the target language.
    • Read newspapers in the target language.
    • Keep a diary in the target language.
    • Check out the BBC language programs here:

    Good Luck!
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    Re: learning words

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