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    teachers correct my essay please

    My neighbours

    Our nearest neighbors are an elderly couple .Tony and Mary are friendly people, both of them are quite people. Some times I feel that we are lucky to have neighbors like them.
    Tony is 85years old, I was shocked when he said to me that he had twenty –three sons, It seemed an un believable thing, also those sons have children .Mary has not children, so her work was just to concentrate on the leisure time of her husband and her self .She always worried about Tony, Because his health gets worse little by little.
    This woman is very helpful to us and tries to give me a helping hand , there for I do the same thing , mostly we cooperate with each other , when we clean in front of our doors share our males to gether .
    Neighbors for me are very important people, who have played an active role in my social life .customs and norms, all religions in every where call people to respect the right of neighbor hood with connections between them. Actually I always try to keep my relationship nice and more friendly with my neighbors, That helps me to be polite .
    Usually I remaind my self of this saying, your neighbors before your house

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    Re: teachers correct my essay please

    people, both- punctuation
    quite people- spelling and repetition
    Some times/twenty –three/un believable/her self- spacing
    has not children- wrong negative
    Because his health- capitalisation
    there for- wrong word- homophone
    share our males to gether- unclear what you mean here
    life .customs- punctuation
    and norms, all religions- punctuation
    in every where- preposition and spacing
    neighbor hood- article and spacing
    with connections between them- rephrase
    neighbors, That- capitalisation
    remaind - spelling
    saying, your neighbors before your house- punctuation

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    Re: teachers correct my essay please

    thanks editor for correcting my essay ,but i want to know your idea about it ,i mean does it atrrack readers to enjoy it while they're reading?

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