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    Please Help Me

    Dear teacher,
    How can i improve my writing and speaking. I passed (PET) exam and i feel my English still weak.

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    Re: Please Help Me

    Hi Abdulhadi
    The PET is the first certificate in English ,there are 4 more certificates, but I think you need to listen to English songs and watch films without reading the subtitles, read a lot of short stories, that will help you a lot .

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    Re: Please Help Me

    Hi Alia,
    Thank you for your help. Could you tell me which songs i can listen to , please

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    Re: Please Help Me

    Choose a song you like. The point being, to learn the rhythm and stress of spoken English.

    In stark contrast with English, word stress in Arabic is predictable and regular. The idea that stress can alter meaning, as in con'vict (verb) and 'convict (noun) is foreign.

    homographs Try these. (Note that, CAPITALIZED letters represent stressed syllables)

    EX: It's eleMENtary / It's a LEmon tree.
    EX: Is that EUrope? / Is that your ROPE?
    EX: Do you have a GREENhouse? / Do you have a green HOUSE?
    EX: Fish swim in the COral / Horses run in the coRRAL.
    EX: It is HIStory? / Is it his STORY?
    EX: What's in the DEsert? Sand. / What's in the deSSERT? Nuts.


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