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    "as"-clauses: possible negation issue


    Do any of you hear an acceptability difference between
    the (a) sentences and the (b) sentences below?

    (1a) He likes chocolate, as does she.
    (1b) He doesn't like chocolate, as does she.

    (2a) Tom is going, as is Bill.
    (2b) Tom isn't going, as is Bill.

    I assume all of you find the (a) sentences acceptable,
    though perhaps a bit formal. What about the (b) sentences?

    Thank you.

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    Re: "as"-clauses: possible negation issue

    The (b) sentences make me think you've made a slip of the tongue, or are being deliberately comic, perhaps in the style of the Goons. (Harry Secombe & Co)
    In any case a listener would have to ask you what you meant, as each half of the sentence contradicts the other.

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