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    them too

    1 - "two of my brothers" or "two brothers of mine", which one is used more often?

    2 - we usually use "me too". but how about "them too"?

    I love my family and them too. Can we use it?

    3 - "life's but a dream" (the writer is disappointed by losing their value things)is a proverb, isn't it?. do you have any similar proverbs, pls tell me.

    Thanks for your replies

    Best regards

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    Re: them too

    I am a new member and I want to know how can I write to a member

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    Re: them too

    1 two of my brothers
    2 me too, them too, him too, etc
    I love my family and them too. Can we use it?- This doesn't work; use and they love me too
    3 We have some variations- it's all a game


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