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    [B]Please help me with this[/B]

    some times, a number of words seperated by (-) functions as an adjective. For example:

    a three-year-old baby.
    a well-known artist.

    but somtimes, while I am reading a computer book for example(that is, I'm an IT), I encounter something like: ". . . by enforcing code access security. . ."

    Now, shouldn't this have been written with a (-), I mean:
    code-access security; and what difference is there between the two ways of writing.

    Also sometimes, I see such a grouping of words in the position of an object, for example: "strict type-safety". what difference would it make if it was written without the (-) ?

    Also, Nouns can be used as modifiers for other nouns, e.g. a mountain bike. and since a gerund can be treated as a noun, can it also be used to modify a noun, just as normal nouns can ?
    for example:" windows is an operating system "
    is the word operating here a present participle or is it a gerund(and hence, treated as a noun) that functions as a modifier?

    Finally, what topic is this and where can I find answers for such questions ?

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    Re: [B]Please help me with this[/B]

    Try here: Using Hyphens

    operating system <form: present participle; function: adjective>

    Note that, gerunds functions as objects or subjects.

    Welcome, ahmadizat.


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