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    Noun + to + verb


    I would like to ask if noun + to + verb may describe past tense. I remember coming across it in reading a half-forgotten fantasy classic called The Night Land by W.H.Hodgson (1905) which was written in a false pseudo-archaic language imitating what people talk in cca. 17. century. Can anybody tell me if this strange mode was really used or it is just a linguistic idiosyncrasy of the author.

    The examples:

    And I to stand a little moment, and presently had grown free in my heart to have courage of farewell; and so did turn me at last to the viewing of that wondrous Home of the Last Millions of this World. And the sight was an astonishment and an uplifting, that indeed there was so mighty a thing in all the earth.

    For it had been all about me in the night, as I have told, and I to feel that I had been surely discovered!

    Thank you very much
    Not a Teacher

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    Re: Noun + to + verb

    I can't recall ever having seen this.

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