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    I remember everything

    I remember everything like it happened just yesterday. We were all poised in our front veranda, sipping away on grandma's old and well-kept secret cinnamon-laced black coffee. Suddenly, all attention was diverted on to me! My unusual behavior was laid down, and I felt like a lab rat ready to be dissected! Scared stiff!


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    Re: I remember everything

    Beware of overwriting. Detail is important, but use it sparingly and with intention.

    "I remember everything as if it were yesterday. We were sipping Grandma's cinnamon-laced coffee on the veranda when, suddenly, everyone's attention was on me! My unusual behavior was exposed, and I felt like a lab rat ready to be dissected!"

    The phrase "I remember everything as if it were yesterday" is a bit cliched, perhaps you can find another way to express this.
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    Re: I remember everything

    If you were not happy with the answer you received here, kuben, you should have asked follow-up questions in that forum.

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