Is this sentence grammatical:

1) Olympiacos, not Arsenal, are Jose Mourinho's preferred choice to join Bayern Munich in qualifying from Champions League Group F.

Is this sentence grammatical:

I understand what it means and there is no ambiguity. But could one say that team is Mourinho's choice if Mourinho is not doing any real choosing?

And does 'in qualifying from Champions League Group F' work?

Bayern, Olympiacos and Arsenal are European soccer teams and Mourinho is the manager (coach) of another soccer team, namely Chelsea.

Champions League is a prestigious competition for European soccer clubs.

Bayern, Olympiacos and Arsenal are all in Group F.
Bayern has already qualified and will move up.
One of the other two teams will be eliminated and the other one will go through.
Mourinho would prefer that Olympiacos should go through.

But a match will decide who will go through. Mourinho does not have a say in the matter.

Come to think of it, I find it strange that Champions League is written without an apostrophe.