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    Cool Need teachers opinion

    Hi everyone, I was learning a lot in the last 3 years about productivity and self learning in order to create a new kind of application named eXtrigo, but no matter how many researches and graphs I saw thereís nothing like real experience from real teachers.

    In general, the application is a productivity application but itís not only going to make you remember to do your stuff or to be better organized like many other apps already do very well. We focus on finding the best way to accomplish the goal by encouraging the users to stop and think of particular items that they need to process before starting, during their learning process and right after it. We also aggregate this knowledge in order to provide guidance for the next users who are going to pursue a similar goal, we like to call it crowd wisdom.
    For example, suppose that some of our users decide to learn how to play a guitar

    1) First, they will be encouraged to break it into steps but since we can assume that a lot of people learned it before, we can help them to pick only steps that are really necessary.

    2) In each step they will be encouraged to collect and share knowledge items like ideas, resources, common mistakes, insights, tips, results and more. Again, they can use crowd wisdom to fetch most of these items automatically.

    3) Summarize the process in each step in order to improve long term memory.

    What do you think about the platform and the overall structure of the methodology? Do you think it will be useful at your class room? Please feel free to share anything on your mind.

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    Re: Need teachers opinion

    How would someone picking up a guitar for the first time to learn it know what steps were involved and what would be the best order to learn them in?
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