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    Post TOEFL essay practice, will absolutely appreciated if help me with

    Agree or disagree with the role of the tour guides to the travelers.

    Nowadays, by development of tourist industry in different parts of the worlds, it seems inevitable for travelers to avoid the possibilities and facilities provided by different communities in this regard. On of these services is international tour guides who travel with a group of people in order to help them to have best journey with sufficient information about various natural and historical places. However, this should be noted that the way this services can manage the visitors had changed truly at this time. There are a great deal of data available in the internet and books that everyone can use, to travel individually. Beside that, there are local guides in each city provided by the governments. Because of these reasons that make the decision making harder, this matter should be examined more closely, something we plan to do in the following paragraphs.

    In the first place, it is the matter of independence. By other words, person can visit wherever he or she wants without any restriction form the tour guide. Because of short come in time, most of the tour guides have inclination to visit most popular places only and mostly historic ones. By the way of example, several years ago I had a travel to Turkey with the tour guide institute from my country and during this short journey we had the time to only visit five or six historic places, despite all the beautiful natures i was looking for. On the other hand, other people who I traveled with, all the time argued that they want to do shopping and I always had to wait for them . That was so annoying as long as the period of our journey was just for one week. Actually, travelling to some cities is once in a life time opportunity, that I wouldn't miss with any other thing. So it seems logical that travelers need free choice on where to visit and how to manage their time.

    Secondly, internet and books can share very good and sufficient information about wherever one can visit. Nowadays, there are so many websites created by the adventurers who travel a lot, and also books provided by the government and local people to introduce the beauty of their city and country. This is a good chance for person like me who do not like to use the limited data provided by the tour guide. Also, this materials are enjoyable and can increase my knowledge about that place. For example, next week I want to visit Austria; form one month earlier I had started reading about different places and become familiar with their cultures and beautiful places, even good restaurants and foods.

    Finally, it is of a great importance to take a look at information, offered by the tour guide. However, these data can be shared by the local people and possible internet access. Alongside, at this time, with the huge development of tourist industry, there are guides in each area which can embodied the story behind every thing in past just in less price rather than what it would be if a person want to use the experience of the carrying tour guide. For example, each hotel have a tour guide who is a person from that local area, and admittedly with greater amount of knowledge about the historic places and natural beauties of that city.

    By the way of conclusion, based on the arguments presented in above, although tour guides can be beneficial, in the modern world, the significance of them seems to abate more and more by development of information and data presented by the internet and tourist industry. Belong side, I'm of the opinion that all the tour guide both international and local should be banned totally, but also, still, necessity of the local guides and authorities who share the data by the books and internet is sensible.

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    Re: TOEFL essay practice, will absolutely appreciated if help me with

    At 645 words, don't you think this is a bit long for a TOEFL essay? Do you think you'll have enough time during the exam to write something this long?

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