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Thread: Turkish Cuisine

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    Red face Turkish Cuisine

    Turkish Cuisine
    Turkish Cuisine is very rich and it is really very delicious. It has a lot of different types such as Blacksea, Southeast and Middle Anatolia Cuisine. Of course, Southeast is the best in the Turkish Cuisine even in the World Cuisine.This cuisine is very important for Turkish people. It has a lot of type of soups, main courses and desserts.

    The most famous soup is ‘Analı Kızlı’ in this cuisine. This soup is from Şanlıurfa and It is cooked with chickpea and meat.Alaca soup also is a famous soup in there.

    There are famous main courses like soups. For example: Lahmacun, hünkar beğendi, ali nazik, çiğ köfte, içli köfte, kebabs, etc… These foods are always cooked with meat and these are always very oily.For this reason; ıf you are on a diet, I do not recommend you to eat these foods. :)

    Finally, I am going to talk about dessert of Southeast. Of course, the most popular dessert is baklava but katmer is also very polular and very delicious. Both of them are cooked with dough and sherbet.

    Now I am going to talk about Middle Anatolia Cuisine. This cuisine also is rich. It has a lot of soups, main courses and desserts like kokina soup, okra soup, Turkish ravioli, çibörek, cup dessert, etc.

    Blacksea Cuisine is more traditional than other cuisines with kuymak, muhlama and similar foods. But there are a lot of popular foods in Turkey from this cuisine. These foods are Akçaabat köfte, Sürmene pide, Sütlaç, etc.

    İn short, Turkish cuisine is very rich. I think everybody should eat these foods and everybody should learn these.

    Özgür TOPÇU

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    Re: Turkish Cuisine

    They also have Shawarma which is amazing.

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    Re: Turkish Cuisine

    Oztopcu, that was very interesting but do you have a question about the English language for us?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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