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    Smile why I couldn't have been an only child

    Hello. Would you please tell me what the underlined sentence means in the context below?
    Thank you.

    from <Crenshaw> by Katherine Applegate
    (In the story, the speaker(11 year-old boy)'s dad had multiple sclerosis. The speaker's family have fallen on hard times. The speaker has a little sister. His parents always say not to worry.)

    Sometimes I just want to ask my parents if my dad is going to be okay or why we don't always have enough food in the house
    or why they've been arguing so much. Also, why I couldn't have been an only child. But I don't ask. Not anymore.
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    Re: why I couldn't have been an only child

    An "only child" is a child who has no siblings. The writer used to ask his/her parents why they had more children after him/her but has stopped asking the question. It sounds as if the writer wishes he/she were an only child.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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