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    prepositions - journal on/in literature studies, lecture on/in smth

    Could you possibly advise me on using prepositions after the noun "journal" (if talking about a field of knowledge the journal publishes articles in), and the verb "to lecture".
    I've been told once that IN ​usually presupposes an area, scientific field, or discipline, whilst ON is more specific and gives info about the topic mostly. Is it really so or am I confusing things?
    Which of the prepositions is correct then?
    E.g. I subscribed for an academic journal IN / ON literature studies.
    Kelly lectures IN / ON history (in general). Yesterday she lectured ON (?) Ancient Egypt.

    Will it be too much if I ask you about the differences between an academic and scientific journal? Which word suits literature studies best? Do academic journals usually go with the article, like newspapers, or not (the "Litera" or "Litera"?) if we are talking about the journal published in a non-English-speaking country (thus, its original title never takes any article as it's not required by the language)?

    Thanks a million for your kind help!
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    Re: prepositions - journal on/in literature studies, lecture on/in smth

    I'd use on in all three, but I expect others may feel differently.

    Literature is academic, but it is not scientific.

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