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    Smile with a great show of effort

    Hello. What does "with a great show of effort" mean? Does it mean "with great difficulty"?
    I am confusing because there is a word, show in it.
    Thank you.

    from Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate (Crenshaw is Jackson's an imaginary cat.)
    "Now," I said. I put my hands on my hips to show I meant business.
    "Jackson, be reasonable. I came all the way."
    "You have to go back to wherever you came from."
    Crenshaw opened his other eye. "But you need me here."
    "I don't need you. I have enough to deal with already."
    With a great show of effort, Crenshaw sat up. He stretched, easing his back into an upside-down U.

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    Re: with a great show of effort

    In this context, it means 'display of effort'.

    He's purposely making a dramatic demonstration of how much effort he's putting into sitting up.

    Edit: If you've ever seen a cat stretch upon waking, you'll get the idea.
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