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    vodkatini Guest

    teenage or in their teens

    those colleagues in their teens

    those teenage colleagues

    Are they right ???? Which is the one better ???

    Many thanks :)

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    They're both correct, though I prefer the first. However, is 'colleagues' really the word? Do they work together?

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    vodkatini Guest
    Thanks a lot.

    Very often colleague implies profession or business. So it sounds a bit strange to say " colleagues in their teens " . Is that what you mean ???

    Many thanks :)

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    Here are the results of a Web search for "teenage colleagues":

    • "There's a youngster in Toronto whose name is Michael. He and several of his teenage colleagues from around the world created a web site called" -

      "I was fortunate to be born to parents with a very strong work ethic and worked really hard from the very first," said East. She quickly learned at her first job at a costume jewelry store that this was not the case for everyone. "Not all of my teenage colleagues were so dedicated. Looking back, I think I was the staff patsy because the other staffers knew I'd do all the really horrible jobs, like cleaning the bathroom."

      "It's up to Daphne and her teenage colleagues in Mystery Inc. to get to the bottom of things.",1249,465029800,00.html -

      "A witness at the Bloody Sunday inquiry has told the hearings that he and his then teenage colleagues would frequently engage in rioting because that was their 'idea of fun'."

      "His description of military life has more in common with "National Lampoon's Animal House" than "The Iliad." According to Swofford, he and his teenage colleagues spent most of their time drinking, fighting and chasing women."

      "At 17 years old Ryan Zihrul is remarkably mature.

      The Chilliwack senior secondary school student is full of confidence and brimming with self-assurance, seemingly miles beyond other teenage colleagues who struggle with issues of esteem and self image."

      "Being Britney is all the rage these days, as if she knows something most of her teenage colleagues don't."

      "Lateefah Simon began working with the Center for Young Women's Development at the age of 17 as a community health outreach worker. As an outreach worker she along with other teenage colleagues provided harm reduction street-based support services to girls who were working and surviving in the underground street economies."

      "Brian stood up, in the middle of worship, in the back of that cement chapel, towering over his teenage colleagues." -

      "One Tornado costs the same as 80 hospital wards, one Lynx helicopter costs the equivalent of 880 hip replacements, and one Warrior infantry fighting vehicle of the kind in which Lee Thompson and his eight teenage colleagues were killed by "friendly fire" costs the same as training 200 ambulance personnel."

      "I serve as the Director of Reference Point Design and operate the business
      in collaboration with several of my teenage colleagues." -

    I got nothing for "colleagues in their teens". I used Google, but you could try some other search engine.

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    vodkatini Guest
    Thanks a lot. :)

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