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    Statement of stone


    I do not understand in what sense the bold text is used here. Can anybody help me?

    "Turning a corner, pulling the collar of his coat closer to his neck, he encountered a palace of dreams—the Majestic Theater on Washington Street. A massive statement of stone, like a temple from a forgotten age, its marquee spoke to Jim: THINGS TO COME. He’d seen the film when it premiered in Los Angeles, but encountering it here in this cold New England town made his pulse jump. Yes, he thought with a smile, there are certainly things to come—good things, wondrous and full of magic. He surged past the box office empowered by his endless optimism."

    The Exchange, Thomas F. Monteleone, 2012

    Thans a lot.
    Not a Teacher

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    Re: Statement of stone

    The building makes an expression, a statement. The statement is written in the way the building is constructed.

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