My name is Subhashree.I have prepared a rough draft on my letter of motivation.Please help me amend my mistakes and correct them if required.

Thank you.

Dear Sir/Madam
I am applying for the post graduate study in Msc Aerospace Engineering. I realize this as an important step in achieving my goal to become an Aerospace Engineer.
I am an Aeronautical Engineering graduate from Kalaignar Karunanidhi Institute of Technology affiliated to Anna University, India. I have achieved an overall CGPA of 7.35. I have advanced skills in leadership and communication along with my strong interest and passion to gain more knowledge. My final year project was the fabrication of a Raspberry Pi Controlled Quad copter, under the guidance of my guide. My contribution towards the project made me learn more technical knowledge.
I had taken Aeronautical Engineering for my undergraduate course purely because of interest to learn more about Aerospace. My strong passion for Aerospace started at a young age as my dad works in Aerospace Company, which motivated me to learn more about it. I had faced a lot of challenges during my undergraduate course as I was not encouraged to study Aerospace. Apparently girls, especially from India were not really encouraged to study in this field. I hope that by achieving my dream to be Aerospace Engineer will change the minds of many and I really hope to become an example for others to follow. This can certainly be obtained from my studies through TUM Asia.
The reason which I want to do my post graduate in TUM Asia is because I believe that I will have a chance to study research and industry oriented instead of just theoretical. This will surely boost up my confidence level and as to gain more knowledge and prior experience. I have been present in Singapore for a very long time, so I do know well about the reputation and respect that TUM Asia has obtained from everyone.
TUM Asia provides a platform for students from all over the world with its top ranking. Plus the university is home to a fairly large number of international students especially from South Asian countries. This would be extremely helpful for me once I get enrolled in the program.
Aeronautical engineers are one of the highest paid individuals all over the world and I would be glad if I could achieve this goal through TUM Asia. The graduate course work will help me learn more about Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Flight Mechanics, Structures and Materials, which are also the core modules that I am keener upon.
Lastly, I believe my academic qualifications are good enough to earn me a place in the masters program. I believe that masters study will obviously be pretty challenging but at the same time interesting enough to help me overcome the odds of not only studying in good institution but also living a fairly advanced society. I would be grateful to you, if I am accorded the opportunity to pursue my higher studies. I am sure that you will share my confidence and give me an opportunity to continue with my further studies and research endeavors at your prestigious university. Together we can work towards the advancement of Aerospace and Aviation towards the entire world.
Leelavinodhan Subhashree