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Thread: The night.

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    The night.

    Was this life worth living if all you had to look forward to was a drag from a cigaret and a bottle of whisky to drown out the thoughts of last night?
    The night light shined outside of Chris's house, he stood under the night sky with the moonlight reflecting off of his swimming pool.In the back of his mind, he silently wishes to be far away from this place, this fake lifeless place where he thought he could be something anything, but a mistake.He continued to walk until he was at his friends place.The house was as nice as you would expect for a high school drop out, one bedroom, bathroom and a small kitchen with a microwave.He washes his clothes at the laundry mat across the street.Chris searches for his friend in the bedroom, he finds him and throws a shoe at him to wake him up.Matt jumps up "what are you doing?” he yells."Chill man, I need your help with something".
    Matt does his regular drug routine which includes taking a snort of coke, and taking a drag from his cig."Alright, now tell me why you woke me up"."Ok so there is this party"- Matt cuts him off "Let's go"!Chris smiles “I knew you would say that”.They get to this huge mansion and they are both buzzing from the beer/energy drink they just chugged in the car. Matt goes and sits down next to some girls.Chris keeps walking into the bathroom where they hold all the beer and cannabis.He gets a red solo cup filled to the brim with alcohol and a blunt to satisfy his drug fix.Chris goes to get another cup for Matt.When he turns to leave the bathroom, he ends up spilling it all over this short guy whose medication you can see through his glasses.Matt smiles and says, "Sorry dude, didn't see you there."

    If you could read this and tell me what else I should include that would be very helpful.No this not finished yet.

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    Re: The night.

    Welcome to the forum.

    What do you mean by "tell me what else I should include"? It's your story. You decide what it includes. What will you do with the story when it's finished?

    The main problem with it at the moment is that you have failed to put a space after each full stop. Click on "Edit Post", add all the necessary spaces, then click "Save".
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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