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    can you help me

    He says he is computer expert but ten to one he is never even touched a computer.
    Here , what is the meaning of the phrase ten to one?

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    Re: can you help me

    'ten to one he has never even touched a computer'
    => it's not very likely that he has ever touched a computer

    'ten to one he has touched a computer'
    => it's highly likely that he has touched a computer

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    ten to one meanms that if the chances of doing were ten times, he did it only once.

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    Re: can you help me

    The numbers refer to the chance or probability.
    Ten to one (chance) is when something is highly likely to happen.
    One to ten is(chance) is when something is highly unlikely to happen.

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    Re: can you help me

    "Ten to one" is shorthand for "I'll bet you ten to one." As mentioned, he's referring to odds or probability. If he's willing to bet actual money on ten to one odds, he's fairly certain that the "computer expert" has never touched a computer before.

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    Re: can you help me

    thank you


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