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    Question Are "calling rates" and "call charges" different?

    I'd like to know whether "calling rates" are correctly used in the following sentences.

    1) When are calling rates deducted?
    2) A calling rate is deducted every minute while you are talking.
    3) Are calling rates and subscription fees charged?
    4) Users are responsible for the following calling rates and service fees.

    Or is the phrase "call charge(s)" better than calling rates?

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: Are "calling rates" and "call charges" different?

    It depends on context. A "calling rate", for me, would be something like "20p per minute". A "calling charge" might be the bill I receive every quarter for my phone usage.

    So my quarterly charge could be 65, based on a call rate of 20p per minute and the cost of my line rental.
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    Re: Are "calling rates" and "call charges" different?

    In my understanding, a Calling Rate is a monetary amount charged for each unit of time (usually a minute) during the call. A Calling Charge is that rate times the number of time units- the total cost of the call. Therefore:

    1. Deducted from what? From income taxes? A hotel bill? If yes (or something similar), then Calling Charges would be better.

    2. If this is to be understood that funds are debited from some prepaid account for each minute of the call, then they would both mean the same. Best as: The calling rate is deducted each minute while you are talking.

    3. Again, not quite clear, but probably correct as given.

    4. I think here Calling Charges would be better.

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