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    How to politely ask a professor / teacher to cancel ....

    Dear all,
    I would like to ask here the most polite way to ask a professor nicely to not be on the examination committee.
    How it all started was my mentor initially agreed on a panel of professors to be on my exam committee and I've mailed them which they have accepted the invitation.
    However, after a turn of events and further discussions with mentor / faculty, we would like to change some of the panels
    (to be specific, the reasons are:
    A) was changed because location / time inconvenience - not working in the same faculty
    B), the other was removed because theres' already enough people in the panel.
    How should I write the email to politely turn down?

    I have just come up with a letter please let me know what you think of it. I am wondering should I go into the specifics or better to leave it as generic as possible.

    Please let me know what you think and thank you so much
    "Dear Prof.

    Thank you so much for agreeing to be on my thesis committee in our previous email and I really appreciated your positive reply.
    After further discussion with x, I was advised that
    A) it would be more suitable for me to select a committee member from the same program
    B) I have obtained enough members on my committee

    Thank you very much again for your time and consideration


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    Re: How to politely ask a professor / teacher to cancel ....

    It looks OK, but I would say;

    I have enough members on the committee.

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