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    feeling my way back

    Hi. I am not sure about the meaning of this expression, "feel my way back". Does it mean to be pushed back? Thank you.
    It's from the book "Rising Strong" by Brené Brown:
    "There was a long pause before he said, “Is this where you tell me that you think daring is still worth it?” I responded with a passionate yes, followed by a confession: “Today it’s a solid yes because I’m not lying facedown after a hard fall. But even in the midst of struggle, I would still say that doing this work is not only worth it, it is the work of living a wholehearted life. But I promise that if you asked me about this in the midst of a fall, I’d be far less enthusiastic and way more pissed off. I’m not great at falling and feeling my way back.”

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    Re: feeling my way back

    By "feeling my way back" he means struggling to recover from a setback. He's trying to get back to where he was.

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