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    Post topic spokes on maps

    How can i narrow a topic to a single spoke or to a sub-header of a spoke on a map?

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    Re: topic spokes on maps

    Welcome, erin.

    Circle Diagramming

    1. Write your topic inside a circle in the middle of a sheet of paper.

    2. Draw a number of "spokes" radiating from the circle outwards - about five or ten of them.

    3. Label each of these spokes with a question related to your topic, such as "What is it?" "How does it work?" "Who or what does it affect?"

    4. Add potential answers or responses to these questions at the end of each question-spoke. Don't just fill in one answer per question; some questions can generate many potential answers.

    5. You can then turn each "answer" cluster into a circle with spokes of its own, with more question "spokes" coming off of them and generating more answers/responses.

    Read more here:Brainstorming Techniques

    All the best.

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