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    her teacher Irma(,) who tought



    1- Clare began to think over her teacher Irma who tought English at that time.
    2- Clare began to think over her teacher Irma, who tought English at that time.

    Here is my interpretation:

    1- Without the comma before 'who', what is assumed is that that Clare had two teachers named Irma and they were both English teachers.
    2- With the comma, there was only one whose name was Irma.

    I'd like to ask if my interpretations, especially one, are OK or not.


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    Re: her teacher Irma(,) who tought

    Neither of these sentences are natural. You also mispelled 'taught'. I don't know what you mean by 'think over'.

    Regardless, there's nothing in either sentence to suggest there are two teachers. Both clearly state that there's a teacher named Irma and a student named Clare, and that's it.
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