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    Please help!

    Hello everybody,
    could you tell me whether the following sentence is right or wrong. Merci !!!
    The Internet allows people not to get separated in relationships over long distances; it gives people a chance to discuss topics they arenīt concerned with in real life and also to talk to people who are unfamiliar to them.

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    Re: Please help!

    I would say "...prevents people from getting separated...". I'm not sure about "topics they aren't concerned with" -- perhaps "topics they wouldn't normally discuss"?

    By the way, there's one thing that really irritates me about how Germans type apostrophes. Even professional sign-writers do it, and you've just done exactly the same thing, and I really don't understand why it happens.

    You typed "arenīt", using for the apostrophe the key which (on a German keyboard) is between the ß and the backspace key. But that's not an apostrophe, that's an acute accent, which goes over the E in words like "Café". You'll find the apostrophe if you type Shift # -- between Ä and the enter key.

    It may seem like a very small point, but the acute accent actually looks very wrong. It's a mystery to me why Germans always manage to hit the wrong key.


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