Hello everyone,

I have been tasked with structuring a course program for beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced level adult students. The program has to be business oriented because I am preparing this for a corporate organization. Each lesson should be approximately 45-60 minutes long. The students are non-native speakers located in Central Asia. They will organized into groups of 8-10 people.

Since I understand that the students will need a strong language foundation before they go onto business topics, I need to choose some suitable textbooks to help them build that foundation. Throughout my search, I have not found a coherent text book series that could be used between the groups and the fact that most book recommendations have a diverse range of authors and publishers makes me question my selection.

I have no formal training in teaching. I am just a native English speaker in a Non-English speaking country. I was chosen to do this task because I have well developed "soft" skills from management consulting such as presenting to clients, processing large amounts of data, and communication skills. I will not be the person teaching. Experienced teachers will be doing the teaching. I am writing this for the corporation because local English courses did not quite fit their level of satisfaction.

I have the following list of questions:

1. Can you please offer me a suggested list of books for the following levels? (Beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced levels)
2. Is it okay that each level may have books from different publishers?
3. Do you have any tips for structuring my program?