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    What is the meaning of culture in the context when we speak about education?
    For example, the underlined sentence in the following paragraph.

    He undertook an inquiry into number of subjects in the curriculum, and tried to reduce these so as to diminish mental fatigue. But this does not touch the problem of how pupils can acquire the riches of culture without becoming tired.

    I understood that the culture in the sentence did not mean the way of living but it was about the development of knowledge, if so,
    the underlined sentence should mean his doing cannot help pupils develop their knowledge without becoming too tired. Am I right?
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    Re: culture

    I disagree that culture does not mean "way of living". That is what it means.

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    Re: culture

    1. Please note that "understood" is past tense.
    2. I don't understand the underlined sentence. Learning one's culture is not akin to running a marathon, but the writer of that sentence seems to think it is.

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