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    the definition of the word "on" in dictionary

    hi everyone, this is my first time using this page for help.
    i don't know whether i break the rule with this post. (if does, i will delete it.)

    i am the ESL, so when i was reading the definition about the word "on", i got confused

    1.Used to indicate the object of an action directed, tending, or moving against it: an attack on the fortress.
    with this sentence, is this the complete sentence " the object of an action which is directed, which is tending, or which is moving again it " ?

    2.Used to indicate the agent or agency of a specified action:cut his foot on the broken glass; talked on the telephone.

    i don't know the the meaning of the word agent and agency in this sentence.

    3.Used to indicate addition or repetition: heaped error on error.

    can i read this sentence as " heaped error again and again " ?

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