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Thread: Vocabulary

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    What a quick way of learning a lot of vocabulary.

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    Re: Vocabulary

    There is no magic way of learning a lot of vocabulary fast- most people find it a slow process. You can learn hundreds of words in a single night, but you will have forgotten almost all within a week. It is usually better to learn a small number of words at a time and to recycle them until they're in your long-term memory. Also, remember that having a huge vocabulary doesn't mean that you can speak a language well- most native speakers use a fairly small active vocabulary,though they will also know a lot more words that they recognise. Knowing how to use words well is a sound way of improving your language ability.
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    Re: Vocabulary

    Quote Originally Posted by smallyip View Post
    What is a quick way of to learning a lot of vocabulary? (.)
    Note my corrections above. "What a quick way to learn a lot of vocabulary!" -- with the exclamation point -- is a way to admire a technique someone has shown you.
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