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    No respecter of persons


    Can anybody help me to understand the bold text? I have looked it up but the meaning still escapes me in the context below (though it seems to me the respecter could be God).

    "You see, sir, I am myself, and have been for upwards of twelve years now, the dean's verger. In the sight of no respecter of persons--of offices and dignities, that is, I take it--I might claim to be even an elder brother. And our dean, sir, was a man who was all things to all men. No pride of place, no vauntingness, none of your apron-and-gaiter high-and-mightiness whatsoever, sir. And then that! And to come on us without warning; or at least without warning as could be taken as such.' I followed his eyes into the darkening stony spaces above us; a light like tarnished silver lay over the soundless vaultings. But so, of course, dusk, either of evening or daybreak, would affect the ancient stones. Nothing moved there."

    All Hallows, Walter de la Mare, 1927

    Thanks a lot.
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    Re: No respecter of persons

    No, it's just anybody who has respect or regards for people of authority and office.

    If he's around somebody who has no regard for such positions, he might claim to be of a higher position himself, since they'd be less likely to realize he was self-elevating his position.
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