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    North American or British English?

    I've just found this amazing website and I love it! (I'm an English teacher originally from England but living in Canada.) Could someone please tell me if this website uses North American English or British English? I am very aware that there are some expressions/vocabulary in each that mean nothing in the other. Thank you so much.

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    Re: North American or British English?

    Welcome to the forum. diana-tutor.

    Some of the members are speakers of BrE, some of AmE, and some of other varieties. We try to point out differences between the varieties when we are aware of them. We also have some knowledgeable non-native speakers.
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    Re: North American or British English?

    The website was set up by British English speakers, though we have always followed a policy of allowing contributors to use their variants. Given that more and more learners in a globalised world will have to deal with multiple variants, it makes sense to allow them to co-exist and for people to see how they do that in the forum, where there is the most contact. Some parts outside the forum may be predominantly British English, but that is contributor demographics more than anything- we have no policy. We use the variant we speak.

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