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    English 255

    iT IS ME AGAIN I would like to clarify that I am taking a credit for lifelong learning class. The information that I will inquire about will probably be for the
    competency report part of the portfolio. I have followed the master syllabus all the way to the part where it ask for poetic voice. I am at a speed bump on this one. I can include a tape. I THINK she[the professor] may want me to
    tell or you tell me how can I DO POETIC VOICES in a landscape with Description of Experience and then Learning from Experience and then she
    want us to document. HELP HELP HELP,

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    Re: English 255

    The voice of a poem is the character who is 'saying' the words. In Yeats, for example, he invents characters like Crazy Jane. I think your teacher wants you to write using 'characters', whhich would be reflected in the different styles for the poems. In a description of ex[perience, you could be one of the voices, and you could create other personae, like your parents, etc.

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