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The reason I choose HNC Health and Social Care Level 4 course, itís because I want to improve my skills to do a Midwife course in 2017 year.

When I moved to England with my family, I start studying Health and Social Care BTEC Level 2. I received a distinction in this course which has helped improve my knowledge in the health and social care sector. Also I learnt about body systems and functions. At the moment, I continue to studying Level 3 in Health and Social Care. As part of my education, I am also studying GCSE English and Maths, which has enhanced my skills and knowledge. Other relevant units are Safeguarding Values and Planning, Public health, Health and Safety, Equality Diversity and Rights, Anatomy and Professional Development and Nutrition for Health and Social Care.

All the topics covered in my BTEC in Health and Social Care developed my understanding of the subject. I have an understanding of topics such as Angina, Diabetes, Vascular Dementia and Stroke, which I will confront in a hospital. I know I have the skills to interact with different people, depending on their background, genetic history and cultural difference. Within the BTEC I have also covered a unit entitled developing effective communication in a Health and Social Care setting, which is extremely related to the field of Midwife. This has improved my understanding different types of communication used by patients, doctors, head visitors and colleagues relevant.

My teamwork in class has enhanced my determination to help others. I have developed good team working skills. I am good at managing my time as I have to organise and plan my work and college commitments around taking care of my two children. Spending time with my family helps me relax after a long busy day.

My passion of become a Midwife, started when I was 8 years old, when my late grandmother was working as a midwife in the community in my birth country Mozambique. Every week she had 4 to 5 delivering babies and that inspired me. Sometimes I helped her with some basic things such as hydrate the patient or arrange towels.
In year 2003 when I had my first baby, she was my midwife and it was a good experience to me, that moment I made up my mind to want be a midwife. I feel this program as an opportunity to care about others those deserve it. I feel it proud about midwives as these are the real people those prepare female for motherhood. The support and help provided by midwife for a female in this process is truly remarkable and I find it as a best professional for me. This course is a rewarding for me, my willingness and dedication in caring for others has given me the motivation to enhance my career.

My experience of studying, caring for people and the joy I receive, has motivated me to pursue my desire to be a midwife. By doing this midwifery degree I will be able to develop my knowledge and skills to be successful for the rest of my career.