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    Close to the edge of things


    Can anybody help me with the bold text? I have tried to cope up it but still do not have the solution ...

    His voice faltered. 'I am an old man now, and nearly at the end of my tether. You must realize, if you please, that I can't get any help that I can understand. I am not doubting that the gentlemen I have mentioned have only the salvation of the cathedral at heart--the cause, sir; and a graver responsibility yet. But they refuse to see how close to the edge of things we are: and how we are drifting. 'Take mere situation. So far as my knowledge tells me, there is no sacred edifice in the whole kingdom--of a piece, that is, with All Hallows not only in mere size and age but in what I might call sanctity and tradition--that is so open--open, I mean, sir, to attack of this peculiar and terrifying nature.'

    All Hallows, Walter de la Mare, 1927

    Thank you very much.
    Not a Teacher

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    Re: Close to the edge of things

    Metaphorically they are at the edge of a cliff and in danger of going over that cliff.

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