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    Think pronounced as sink


    Since I want to hone my skills in fast informal spoken English, I try to only listen to videos in youtube with subtitles.
    In the following video link :
    The narrator says : "Lot of people with 4-wheel drive, sink-ah-sawl we're gonna need when it's snows", which is transcribed like :
    "Lot of people with 4-wheel drive, think that's all we're gonna need when it's snows".
    As I have highlighted in red, the "t" of think is replaced by "s" and less importantly, the "t" of that is literally dropped.

    Could you help me out by giving me some rules that help me to find out the general pattern behind such pronunciations, so that I could improve my skills in such domain quicker ?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Think pronounced as sink

    He says "Now, a lot of people with four-wheel drive think that's all we're gonna need when it snows." In his accent (which sounds Cockney-ish to me, but I'm not English and could be way off), the th in "think" often slides towards an f. In this case though it definitely sounds like "sink". I don't think that's a typical pronunciation for his accent; rather, it was a little slip of the tongue.

    You're probably already aware that many foreign learners of English do the same thing. Pronouncing think like sink​ is a common feature of French-accented English, and my Polish-speaking grandmother always pronounced it that way.

    He drops all but a hint of the T in that's, pronouncing the word nearly like thass. It's common in many Anglophone accents to drop trailing T when followed by an S sound. You may have heard the American version of a drawn-out "what's up?" pronounced as wussup?
    I am not a teacher.

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