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Thread: Idiom meaning

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    Idiom meaning

    Could you please tell me what does "three yards and a cloud of dust" mean?

    I read this expression on a New York Tims article. The complete phrase was:
    - Mr. Duberstein went on, "What Bush is doing is not Hail Marys, but three
    yards and a cloud of dust. And he has to earn it every day."

    Many Thanks

    Licinio Craveiro

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    Re: Idiom meaning

    it's comes from american football, apparently. It was a play popularized by Coach Woody Hayes. if i were familiar w/ the sport, i'd explain the play to you...but i'm clueless.

    check out this document (bottom of page 7 to top of page 8). this might clear things up for you.

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    Re: Idiom meaning

    Dear eng

    Thanks for your reply.
    I should confess you that I'm not that baseball fan too. So I don't really understand the true meaning of the idiom as well.
    However after have read the document you sent me I think I understand its metaphorical meaning. In the context of the NYT article it may mean that President Bush is making some progresses in his Iraq journey although he isn't reaching outstanding and satisfying results.
    Anyway, thanks once again and let's wait that some baseball fan could explain us both what the "legendary Woody Hayes" meant.


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