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Thread: Help me listen

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    Help me listen

    In this video I have problem hearing many words so please help me by transcribing the parts I can't hear: from 05:00 to 05:40. You can find the video in this link:

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    Re: Help me listen

    I couldn't catch everything, but here's what I heard:

    Reporter: This Land Rover is ten years old.
    Asian man: Yes.
    R: And it's got a straightforward diesel engine, and you haven't ????? anything
    A: ????? diesel engine.
    R: And you're running your biofuel.
    A: Yep, it's been running on biodiesel for the last four years.
    R: Wow. No performance (stroke???)
    A: No. All ????? biodiesel is supposed to have, like a 3% drop in efficiency, but as far as I'm concerned, I ????? normally fill it up once a week. I don't fill anything ?????
    R: What about ????? when you need a torque? Any difference there?
    A: No, there's not much difference in off-roading. In fact, I've got this vehicle and enough fuel to power a three-day trip into the rainforest in Malaysia, and never got stuck.

    I'm not sure about the ????? parts.
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    Re: Help me listen

    Missing words, as far as I can make them out..

    converted it or…
    [strike 'all'] on paper…drive it…[last sentence] I don't see/feel any differece.
    I am not a teacher

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