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    Without a murmur


    Though I have read the passage several times, still I do not know what the bold text refers to. Can anybody help me?

    'But now, supposing you yourself, sir, were one of them, with your repute at stake, and you were called in to look at a house which the owners of it and them who had it in trust were disturbed by its being re-edificated and restored by some agency unknown to them. Supposing that! Why,' and he rapped with his knuckles on the table, 'being human and not one of us mightn't you be going away too with mouth shut, because you didn't want to get talked about to your disadvantage? And wouldn't you at last dismiss the whole thing as a foolish delusion, in the belief that living in out-of-the-way parts like these cuts a man off from the world, breeds maggots in the mind? 'I assure you, sir, they don't--not even Canon Ockham himself to the full--they don't believe even me. And yet, when they have their meetings of the Chapter they talk and wrangle round and round about nothing else. I can bear the other without a murmur. What God sends, I say, we humans deserve. We have laid ourselves open to it. But when you buttress up blindness and wickedness with downright folly, why then, sir, I sometimes fear for my own reason.' He set his shoulders as square as his aged frame would permit, and with fingers clutching the lapels beneath his chin, he stood gazing out into the darkness through that narrow inward window.

    All Hallows, Walter De La Mare, 1927

    Thanks a lot.
    Not a Teacher

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    Re: Without a murmur

    I would read it as "without a complaint".

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