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    Human designing


    The meaning of human designing escapes me; can anybody explain to me what the author wants to say?

    'Ah, sir,' he began again, 'I have not spent sixty years in this solitary place without paying heed to my own small wandering thoughts and instincts. Look at your newspapers, sir. What they call the Great War is over--and he'd be a brave man who would take an oath before heaven that that was only of human designing--and yet what do we see around us? Nothing but strife and juggleries and hatred and contempt and discord wherever you look. I am no scholar, sir, but so far as my knowledge and experience carry me, we human beings are living to-day merely from hand to mouth.

    All Hallows, De La Mare, 1927

    Thank you very much.
    Not a Teacher

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    Re: Human designing

    He is saying that there was some divine intervention which helped bring about the end of the war (World War I). That is wasn't purely ended because of human efforts.

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