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Thread: All-in-all

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    I am almost all in from trying to understand what all-in-all means in the context below; can anybody help me?

    You seem to have come, if I may say so, in the nick of time; that was all. On the other hand, we can leave the building at once if you are so minded. In any case we must be gone well before dark sets in; even mere human beings are best not disturbed at any night-work they may be after. The dark brings recklessness: conscience cannot see as clear in the dark. Besides, I once delayed too long myself. There is not much of day left even now, though I see by the almanac there should be a slip of moon to-night--unless the sky is overclouded. All that I'm meaning is that our all-in-all, so to speak, is the calm untrammelled evidence of the outer senses, sir. And there comes a time when--well, when one hesitates to trust one's own.' I have read somewhere that it is only its setting--the shape, the line, the fold, the angle of the lid and so on--that gives its finer shades of meaning and significance to the human eye.

    All Hallows, Walter De La Mare, 1927

    Thank you very much.
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    Re: All-in-all

    It means "all things considered" or "everything being taken into account".


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