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    What does this 'No' mean?

    Dave: Are you sure you arenít coming back today, with me?
    Amy: No, Dave. I told you Ė Iím talking to Saints Alive this afternoon.
    Dave: Well, OK. Listen, Amy. Iím really sorry Ė I hadnít realized how upset you were about Joanne. Iíve been a bit stupid. All that stuff about you not being in the band any more.
    Amy: Itís OK, Dave. I think Joanne had already decided before the contest that she wanted my place in the band Ė and my boyfriend.
    Dave: Oh, but ...
    Amt: No really, it's OK. I mean, you didn't lie to me, did you? I asked you and you told me.
    Dave: It was Joanne's idea, actually - but I don't know why I didn't say 'no' right away.
    Amy: Well, I wasn't very happy about it.
    (ENLISH IN MIND 2, Cambridge University Press)

    What does this '
    No' mean? Does it mean 'No problem'?


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    Re: What does this 'No' mean?

    It's just an interjection to stop Dave. It means something like "stop, you don't have to say any more."
    I am not a teacher.


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