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    one group got to eat cookies

    Essentially, we have a limited “supply” of willpower to use in our day-to-day – from choosing broccoli over cookies to being nice to our in-laws. Any of these tasks can contribute to willpower depletion.
    This was verified in one of the author’s own studies, in which participants were placed in a room that smelled of delicious cookies and then divided into groups: one group got to eat cookies, while the other was asked to eat radishes instead.

    Source: Willpower

    How would you understand meaning of the bold-faced clause?
    Does "got" mean "had the opportunity to do something"?

    get to do something

    informal to have the opportunity to do something:
    We got to meet all the stars after the show.

    She gets to travel all over the place with her job.

    Link: get-Longman Dictionary

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    Re: one group got to eat cookies

    "Get to" and "have the opportunity to" are synonyms in this context.

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