Hello. I'm writing my graduation paper, and I can't find a grammar book that describes what is known to be either a 'Subjective Infinitive Construction' or 'The Subjective-with-the-Infinitive Construction':

- Those elections in April ARE CERTAIN TO BRING more protests.
- Defence minister since January, 2015, he IS BELIEVED TO BE in his 30s.
- The US and Cuba ARE EXPECTED TO ANNOUNCE the opening of embassies in each otherís capitals today.

My questions are:
1) Am I right with the name of the construction?
2) If there are any other names, please write it as well, it will be useful.
3) Please, help me find any grammar books describing this construction. This should be a grammar book not for beginners, but for students of Linguistics or advanced learners, or else...
I haven't found any info about this construction in these books:

huddleston rodney, pullum geoffrey k - a student's introduction
Hewings Martin. Advanced Grammar In Use With Answers. 3rd edition - 2013
Susan Thurman - The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need
A Communicative Grammar of English_Geoffrey Leech, Jan Svartvik_1th edition_1975
Advanced Grammar in Use_Martin Hewings_1st edition 1999-2000
Thomson & Martinet -- A practical English Grammar
Advanced English CAE Grammar Practice (1999)
Cambridge English Grammar In Use
Elaine Walker, Steve Elsworth - English Grammar_Practice for Upper Intermediate Students (2000)
An Introduction to English Morphology: Words and Their Structure Edinburgh University Press Andrew Carstairs - McCarthy