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Thread: Public appeal

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    Public appeal


    Can anybody help me with the bold text?

    'No, sir. Not now. But even at the best of times we had small company hereabouts, and no money. Not for any substantial outlay, I mean. And
    not even the boldest suggests making what's called a public appeal. It's a strange thing to me, sir, but whenever the newspapers get hold of
    anything, they turn it into a byword and a sham. Yet how can they help themselves?--with no beliefs to guide them and nothing to stay their mouths except about what for sheer human decency's sake they daren't talk about.

    All Hallows, W.D.L.Mare, 1927

    Thanks a lot.
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    Re: Public appeal

    Not even the boldest person would suggest that they make an appeal (an appeal which would generally be considered, within this context, to be a 'public appeal'). I assume they're talking about an appeal for money.
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